Compare Ipe Porch Decking

Why choose ipe porch decking? With so many options out there, from other wood species to man-made substitutes, what makes ipe the best choice?

This chart compares several types of porch decking. Look over the information and decide for yourself which is the wisest decision.

Porch Decking Durability Eco-Friendly Cost
Ipe Very durable. Resistant to insects, mold, rot, and fire. 75+ year lifespan. Yes, when responsibly harvested. All-natural product, 100% biodegradable. A bit pricey at first, but the lack of long-term maintenance costs actually makes it cheaper than other options.
Pressure Treated Pine Some decay resistance, thanks to toxic chemical preservatives. No, because of chemical preservatives. Cheap, but comes with maintenance costs.
Composite Decking Prone to mold, staining, fading, peeling, and breaking. No. Although made from recycled plastic, it is non-biodegradable and will sit in landfills indefinitely. Comparable in price to ipe, but also comes with numerous maintenance and replacement costs.

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